Construction of a Runway for the Airport “Golubic” in Bihac to start this Year?

April 15, 2018 3:00 PM

The story of the construction of an airport in Bihac is lasting for several years now, but serious and more concrete activities have not been conducted so far. However, the Government of FBiH secured 4 million BAM last year and the project was started from the deadlock at some extent.

From the management of the public company “Airport” Bihac was stated that the first construction works should be started at this location in the upcoming days, and they also announced the construction of the runway by the end of this year.

Last year, the Government of the FBiH approved a total of 4 million BAM for the construction of Bihac Airport and another 2.5 million BAM is planned within the federal budget for this year. When it comes to concrete activities, they conducted a feasibility study in the past period, and they started the process of selecting the conceptual solution of this project.

“After that, we are planning to focus on the construction of the airport runway this year. We have already started with the procedure for land expropriation, because the size of the current parcel is 26 hectares. Of course, we will need a much bigger space for the realization of this project. The construction of the runway requires larger funds, almost 50 % of the total amount, and we will try to round up the financial construction and finalize the project,” said Sedic.

“I think that it is realistic to expect the support for this program because it is an important project in our canton, i.e. it is a project of a great interest. I believe that this project should be in the program of public investments, if not in total, then at least to some extent,” stated Sedic.

He also added that they are negotiating with private investors who expressed interest in this project.

The total value of the project was estimated at the amount between 20 and 25 million EUR, according to the feasibility study and the conceptual solution. Construction of the runway should cost around 10 million BAM.

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