The Construction of Bicycle Trail Alipasina Street – Park Jezero to take place

January 10, 2018 10:15 AM

Due to good weather conditions, the workers of the company “Grakop” continued their work on the construction of a bicycle trail that will connect Alipasina Street with the park Jezero, and the funds needed for the implementation of this project are provided from the budget of the Municipality Centar.

One of the main aims of this project is the smooth road communication for bikers and pedestrians who would like to enjoy the green oasis, park Jezero.

Mujo Topalovic, the head of construction site in the company “Grakop” that is engaged as a contractor, stated that the construction will take place in several phases in order for smooth road communication, and the completion of works depends on weather conditions.

“We started our work on the construction of the bicycle trail at the end of November last year. The first phase of the construction refers to the section from Street Sutjeska to the entrance to Zetra complex. The length of the first section is 841 meters, and it will be divided into ten sub-sections. The second phase of construction includes a section from the entrance to Zetra complex to the park Jezero, in the length of 802 meters. The total length of this bicycle trail will be around 1644 meters. The dynamics of works will depend on weather conditions,” stated Topalovic.



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