Confession of Bosnian Hero: How I saved a Girl who was drowning in Rhine

November 4, 2016 2:45 PM

ramo-begovicRamo Begovic (25) is one of young Bosnian men who found their jobs abroad, on a cruise ship. He learned German and speaks it perfectly. He took his honesty and willingness to help people to another country as well.

Cruiser at which he works, Amadeus Silver III, is new, and it started shipping in March. That day, he worked from 11 am to 6 pm and after docking in the port on the Rhine in Dusseldorf, he got ready to go to the city, which he already knew. He asked for a bicycle from the captain and he got it.

As soon as he headed from the dock, his cell phone started ringing. His sister from Jablanica called him. He talked for two or three minute when their conversation was suddenly stopped by distant female scream in German: “Help me.”

Desperate scream repeated over and over again. He looked on the surface of the river. He saw barely discernible point that floats on the water at about 70 meters distance.

At that moment, he saw a boat that passed rapidly and without lights. It looked like they were searching for a person in the water. But they went some 500 to 600 meters away.

Ramo could not hear the person in the water anymore and he rapidly took his clothes off. He took the ocean buoy and jumped. He swam diagonally towards the head above the water he saw and pulled the life buoy, which was the only salvation for him and for the person he saw. It was some 60 meters distance. After thirty meters he was attacked by cold.

He was engulfed by a sudden fear. But then he got a strange body strength and started with much more powerful arm movements. He finally came to a young woman. It’s been five minutes since the beginning of the horror and the moment when he heard her scream. She said quietly: “I cannot, I cannot do it anymore.” And then came even bigger shock. She was fully dressed, even in coat! He was amazed by her strength under such a terrible burden.

It was colder and colder in the water of the Rhine. His body started trembling, while the younger woman stopped giving signs that she is conscious. He was pushing her towards the shore.

And then suddenly appeared people, guests and one sailor. They asked him to give them a hand. He took the last effort and felt that his hands frantically grabbed one of the guests. Ramo pushed the girl forward. They tried to get her out but they failed, because her clothes was soaked.

Ramo pushed her with one last effort and she was finally safe. They took them in one room. Ambulance, fire brigade and police arrived in couple of minutes.

Both of them were taken to the hospital. They told him later that the girl will be fine.

Mother of that 19 year old girls called and thanked him. The message of this women made him even happier and more proud than ever: “You saved not only our daughter, but our whole family,“ she said.

In Jablanica and BiH are proud of their Ramo Begovic. He is a real hero.



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