What conclusion was made on New Consultations on the EU Integration of BiH?

November 4, 2016 8:45 AM

consultationsYesterday  were held consultations on the topic of the position of BiH in the EU integration process in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH in Sarajevo, which were attended by groups of BH parliamentarians and representatives of civil society and the academic community in BiH.

The initiative was started by representative Senad Sepic, and besides him, the meeting was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Crnadak, the director of Directorate for EU Integration Edin Dilberovic and national parliamentarians Nikola Lovrinovic, Maja Gasal-Vrazalica, Sasa Magazinovic, Zeljko Komsic, Lazar Prodanovic, as well as the Chairman of the Commission for European Integration of the National Assembly of the RS, Branislav Borenovic.

During consultations, participants evaluated this kind of action as positive, and given the importance of the topic of EU integration, they emphasized the need to promote positive process, and the need for joint efforts of all segments of society. They also expressed the hope that this type of communication will be continued and expanded to other interested partners.

In this regard, the formation of Block for Europe was agreed, which will gather all representatives at the state, entity and lower levels of government, as well as representatives of civil society, the academic community and media who wish to affirm results of BiH on its European path. This initiative will be formally addressed in the procedure at the next session of Parliament. The aim of this Block is to offer a platform for gathering of parliamentarians regardless of their political and ethnic background, as well as the mutual exchange of experiences, ideas and information, and it will be open for cooperation with parliamentarians from the region and EU member states.

Senad Sepic, member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and the initiator of these consultations, said that this was the second consecutive consultation between parliamentarians and civil society and the academic community this year, which were held on the topic of EU integration. “This kind of exchange of views between parliamentarians and renowned experts from non-governmental and academic sectors from all over BiH is something that we were really missing, and from which everyone can only benefit,” says Sepic.

Sepic further stated that in the EU are not entering individuals, ministers, constituent peoples or governments, but BiH as a state and its society as a whole, and that from the experience of other countries it is clear that the speed and quality of the accession process to the EU will depend on the ability of BH politicians to mobilize as many people with experience and knowledge to contribute to the process.

According to him, the intention of these consultations is opening of the Parliamentary Assembly and the parliaments of other levels of government to civil society and the academic community, as well as giving a platform for new ideas and impulses for change.

(Source: klix.ba)


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