Complicated Surgery performed in the Cantonal Hospital Zenica

dr Faruk HodzicRecently, in the Cantonal Hospital Zenica was performed the first revision of anterior cruciate ligament in the history of this health care institution. The revision, which is usually performed in clinical centers in BiH, represents a major success for the Cantonal Hospital Zenica and Dr. Faruk Hodzic who led the team.

Revision of anterior cruciate ligament includes removing the rest of ligament that was already operated and implantation of new ligament, which is fixed to the bone. This procedure was performed on handball player from Ilidza Dina Saletovic, and the surgery was done by orthopedist Faruk Hodzic in the Cantonal Hospital Zenica.

Hodzic added that this revision is very important for the Cantonal Hospital Zenica, considering that similar procedures are performed only at clinical centers in BiH. With this, they proved their path and revealed that they strive to become a clinical hospital.

“It is not written much about the positive things, and medical staff in the Cantonal Hospital Zenica is very educated and capable for great stuff and operations. We became known for organ explantation in the last period, and children’s surgery is in a great swing as well. I am trying to develop the segment of sports medicine and we achieved significant results thanks to the management, bosses, and colleagues who are at my service,” added Hodzic.

The fact that more and more patients are coming from other cantons says enough about the success of this and similar surgeries that have been successfully performed in the Cantonal Hospital Zenica.

“We had a patient from Kiseljak a few weeks ago, and we have patients from Sarajevo and Tuzla scheduled for examinations as well. The fact is that a good word spreads around quickly, and we have the obligation to continue with even better work,” concluded Hodzic.

(Source: novi.ba)

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