Company Igman to work with Belgians: Investment worth 14 Million BAM

November 18, 2017 11:45 AM

Company Igman from Konjic is expanding its capacity and they signed a contract worth about 7 million EUR with a Belgian company, said the Director of Igman, Djahid Muratbegovic.

Speaking on the Info-day of metal makers, he noted that Igman will end this year at the level of previous one.

“Our revenue is a three-digit number, our profit is a two-digit number, we hired new workers this year and we are very satisfied,” stated Muratbegovic.

Igman is recording great business results thanks to a product that attracted a lot of interest all over the world, but it also has a great quality.

“The year of 2018 is completely closed, and we are also expanding our product lines. Moreover, we signed a contract with a Belgian company and the value of this investment is about 7 million EUR, and we are expanding our capacities on the pistol ammunition,” said Muratbegovic.



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