Company from Bosnia to produce the First Fire Truck of 18 Tons

Suad Beslic returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017 from Germany, where he worked as a mechanical engineer. In Zivinice, he started the business of making and assembling fire trucks. He entered the business with investors from Germany, who withdrew from the business after a year. Beslic was offered to return to Germany and work there, which he refused, writes.

After a business crash with German subcontractors and investors in business, Suad Beslic decided to enter the business on his own, hired 15 workers and turned a new page in BiH.

“They really offered me to go back to Germany to run a company. But I didn’t want to, I can’t make a start all my life. I came to BiH, I told the workers let’s move on alone, it was difficult but thank God we came out of it and now we are stepping forward “, says Suad Beslic, owner of the company Su-Ad Zivinice.

Beslic’s company employs 16 workers, is engaged in the production of fire trucks, so far exclusively for export, but there are also interesting ones in our country.

“We are currently upgrading for Ministry of Internal Affairs vehicles in Croatia through one company, we have that job until June next year. But we are working on our first BH vehicle of 18 tons, it will be produced in BiH for the first time for the city of Srebrenik,” Beslic said.

The largest number of employees is in the mechanical profession. Engineers, metal turners, welders. They are satisfied with the job but also with the working conditions. Senaid Barcic, an employee of the Su-Ad company, said that when a person wants to learn, then he learns.

“It doesn’t matter what the job is, at least it wasn’t a problem for me,” says Barcic.

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