Company from BiH exports to Austria and Italy

In the Brod Industrial Zone, a modernized facility for the processing of beech wood in planks and elements for furniture are being exported to Western European countries, Biznisinfo writes.

“D. Prodanovic “company which has been engaged in this business for ten years now, through the supply of modern equipment, has significantly expanded the capacities and increased the number of employees to 30.


“Now, it is much easier for workers, they do not need more physical effort than before, everything is mechanized, and as soon as the effect are greater, profits are bigger, and more development is expected, “says director Dragan Prodanovic, adding that he hopes more workers will be employed.

He points out that the market is very demanding and difficult.

He pointed out that their products are exported to Italy and Austria and that they had difficulties taking raw materials, but that he hoped that, after modernization and improvement of production, there would be more understanding in the ministry.

Production Manager Mladen Đurović said that the daily production capacity was increased from 12 to more than 40 cubic meters of beech wood.




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