What has Company Bingo promised to its Workers?

April 20, 2017 6:15 PM

Bingo in Tus Stores bingotuzla.baCompany Bingo Tuzla has announced that its bid for the purchase of “Dita” dd Tuzla’s property and industry of detergents in bankruptcy, is accepted.

After Bingo got the notice that its bid was accepted, they announced that all Dita workers will keep the job.

“All of the staff members will continue working in the factory and will be offered contracts for an indefinite period of time”.

As the assortment that the factory has so far produced already present in all Bingo stores, we plan to further develop production, using our partner relations with companies from BiH but also from other countries, so we will devote ourselves to exporting,” Bingo reported.

Bingo added that they were “alongside ‘Dita’ from the moment they needed a strong partner.”

(Source: N1)


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