Companies producing Weapons in Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded Excellent Results


The Federation’s military industry is breaking all business records. Eleven companies operating within the military area produced weapons and military equipment worth 206,092,346 BAM in the first nine months of this year.

Only Igman from Konjic, the largest domestic company in the field of military industry, with a share of state capital, produced weapons and equipment worth 101,227,520 million BAM and already achieved a plan of 74.4 percent.

The results are much better than last year and this is a result of good organization.

The documents of 11 companies show that the production plan for this year is 319.7 million BAM and it is already known that it will be fully realized.

In addition to “Igman”, which, according to the plan, planned to produce weapons worth 135.9 million BAM by the end of the year, “Unis Ginex” from Gorazde also recorded excellent results. The company produced weapons worth 25.5 million BAM, while the plan is 40.6 million BAM.

On the third place in terms of business success is Vogosca’s Pretis, with a production of 22.3 million BAM. By the end of the year, the plan is to produce 52.8 million BAM. BNT, a newly established company, also achieved excellent results. The employees produced weapons and equipment worth exactly 16,025,945 BAM in nine months.

Berko Zecevic, a military analyst, told Avaz News portal that the success of the military industry is due primarily to the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which made the decision not to take part of its funds for its needs, but to invest in improving the status of companies.

“The bottom line is that the Government has given and is giving incentives to procure new equipment and raw materials. Secondly, there are fierce fighting in Yemen and we have high orders there and on this basis there is a great demand for weapons and ammunition, which is good and of good quality,” – Zecevic said.

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