Commander of NATO in BiH Giselle M. Wilz received the Leadership Award

June 14, 2017 7:00 AM

Giselle M Wilz awardCommander of NATO in BiH, Brigadier General Giselle M. Wilz, visited the American University in BiH (AUBiH) on Friday, where she gave a lecture to students and got introduced to innovative approaches in education that are applied on the AUBiH.

More than 100 students of the American University in BiH attended the lecture of the Commander of NATO, in which she talked about the current challenges that BiH is facing on its path towards NATO membership, as well as the significance of educating young future leaders. The Commander Wilz was particularly happy with the fact that a large number of students from countries all around the world make the community of AUBiH.

After the lecture, the president of the American University in BiH Denis Prcic awarded the “Leadership Award” to the Commander of NATO in BiH, Brigadier General Wilz, in recognition to all the hard work that is invested in order for BiH to join NATO.

“It is a great honor for us to be able to host the Commander of NATO forces in BiH, Giselle Wilz. We are very grateful for everything that she does for BiH, for all the effort that she invests in order for BiH to become a NATO member. I believe that students at American University in BiH got a lot of quality information at this lecture. Due to all of that, we decided to hand over “the Leadership Award” to Commander Wilz, because we believe that she is a real role model of a leader that the future generations should look up to,” said the President of AUBiH, Denis Prcic.

After the visit, commander Wilz awarded the Recognition for outstanding contribution to the work of NATO forces in BiH to the president of AUBiH Denis Prcic.




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