Collection of Public Revenues in Bosnia and Herzegovina hit record in 2018!

The total collection of public revenues in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in 2018 amounts to 5.182.422.312 BAM, which represents an increase compared to the previous year of 362.114.860 BAM or 7.51 percent.

At FBiH Tax Administration’s press conference, Director Serif Isovic stated that the collection of direct taxes amounted to 1,730,667,743 BAM while the contributions were charged in the amount of 3,446,432,044 BAM.

The analysis points out that the highest revenue was collected in the Sarajevo Canton (36.94 percent), followed by Tuzla (16.71 percent), Zenica-Doboj (12.89 percent), Herzegovina-Neretva (12.08 percent), Central Bosnian , Followed by Una Sana (6.17 percent), Canton 10 (1.71 percent), Bosansko-Podrinjski (1.23 percent) and Posavina (0.99 percent ).

“The amount of debt in the compulsory collection process on December 31stlast year amounts to 2.805.474.960 BAM, while 117.105 cases are subject to compulsory collection,” Isovic explained.

He added that last year, 525,408 people were employed in FBiH, recording an increase of 12,095 or 10.39 percent compared to 2017.

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