In which Club will Kolasinac continue his Career?

May 6, 2017 1:00 PM

600_1479826490kolasinac-tim-kolaAs the end of the season is closer, Sead Kolasinac should decide in which the club he will continue his career.

It is well known that the story about the club in which Kolasinac will continue his career is going on for months, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are the ones which were mentioned the most.

Allegedly, Milan is interested as well, although Rosonerri have the least chances to bring BH footballers to San Siro.

According to Bild, Manchester City and Arsenal offer 140 000 Euros salary, and Schalke’s right-back is expected to make the decision on transfer next week.

Whatever club he decides to go, Kolasinac will do it as a free player because his contract with Schalke ends this season.

(Source: radiosarajevo)


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