Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo purchases 150,000 Tests for Coronavirus


Sebija Izetbegovic, director-general of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, told BHRT that about 150,000 detection tests for coronavirus for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are expected in the next seven days.

She said they will continue to test for people who are considered necessary by competent epidemiologists to do so.

“There are enough tests, today we will get another thousand and a half. We tested all those with a coronavirus indication. I agreed another 150,000 tests for the Federation of BiH that will come in the next seven days,” Izetbegovic added.

Izetbegovic stressed that many now hear well what health care professionals and authorities are saying.

“The appeal was targeted by people who did not take it seriously. See what happened in Italy and Spain. For now, I can say that we are proud to resist this virus,” she added.

The BHRT confirmed that the premises of the Faculty of Civil Engineering for the accommodation of coronavirus-infected patients will be ready tomorrow.

The capacity of the Faculty of Civil Engineering will be about 200 beds. It would be for patients who have a moderate clinical picture and who just need oxygen.





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