City of Vienna will send three Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Bihac

At the request of Suhret Fazlic, the Mayor of Bihac, the City of Vienna will send three tons of humanitarian aid for migrants in Bihac.

In Bihac and its surrounding towns, there are a large number of migrants who are currently accommodated in public areas, meaning they are outside camps. The care of these people was taken over by the local government. The City of Vienna will send three tons of humanitarian aid next week, made up of supplies from health institutions and the MA 48 Magistrate’s Office, to show they support local institutions in taking care of those people in the crisis situation.

“Yesterday, I symbolically handed over such aid package to the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Kemal Kozaric. We hereby help Bosnian organizations that take care of migrants on the spot,” Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig told yesterday.

He stressed that solidarity is not just a slogan by the City of Vienna, but a part of everyday life.

“Especially in times of crisis, it is important to provide cross-border assistance and show international solidarity,” Ludwig pointed out.

This humanitarian aid consists of 1.200 quilt covers, 800 pillow covers, 400 bedsheets, 400 towels, 300 bed mats and 10 pallets with clothes, blankets, cot beds, and diapers. It will be delivered to Bihac next week.

The delivery of aid is organized in cooperation with the city administration of Bihac. The shipment will be received by the humanitarian non-governmental organization “SOS Bihac”. Shipping in Vienna is planned for March 16th, and the arrival of the goods in Bihac will occur on March 17th and 18th, 2021. The company ASORTA will be the official carrier, Klix.ba writes.

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