City Councilors from Bihac gave up their Benefits to help a seriously ill little Girl

City councilors in Bihac made an extremely humane act at their last session when they made the decision to donate the money from their compensations to the treatment of little Dalal Omerovic, an ill little girl from this town on Una River.

The Chairman of the City Council of Bihac Davor Zupa announced their decision at the very beginning of the session and noted that the councilors demanded that the money is immediately paid on the account opened for raising funds for medical treatment of this ill little girl.

The chairman invited all citizens of Bihac to follow this great example and to help to raise the money needed for medical treatment of this little girl from Bihac, within their own capabilities.

To recall, little Dalal has been diagnosed with the heaviest type of leukemia, and an enormous amount of money is needed for her treatment, which her parents cannot afford.

Therefore, the information for collecting funds is following:

For payments from BiH:

Indira (Mehmed) Omerovic,

Zrtava Fasizma 64, Bihac,

Account number 1862210333268585,

ZiraatBank BH d.d.


For payments abroad:

Indira (Mehmed) Omerovic,
Zrtava Fasizma 64,

IBAN: BA391862215410521543


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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