The City in BiH with a Growing Number of Employees and Great Opportunities for Everyone

March 24, 2017 7:10 PM

Tesanj cleaningThere is a town in which are placed some of the most successful companies in BiH, in which the number of employees is constantly growing and where 90 % of citizens are working in the real sector. This is not impossible even in the difficult economic conditions in BiH. This town is Tesanj, a place from which products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide and whose citizens claim to live very well.

“I am coming from a sector that is different from metal industry, my job is something else, but I got the chance to work in this company,” said Mirnes Cehajic, a worker of the company Eurometal.

Mirnes is just one of many young people who found a secure job in Tesanj in times of great unemployment. Hard-working people who are used to fight for their job and better living conditions, who created and used opportunities are the greatest capital of Tesanj. This is one of the very few municipalities where you will not hear that politics is an obstacle for serious and successful business, which goes even beyond the local community.

”We have a perfect techno-managerial approach, with one creation, in Tesanj. We want to win, we want to be the best ones out there,” said Izudin Ahmetlic, the Director of Hifa Oil.

A lot of different things are produced in Tesanj, including furniture, children’s toys, food and metal industry, and even parts for large yachts, whose value reaches up to few hundred million EUR on the market.

“Our biggest markets are Switzerland, Germany, and Netherlands. We also export to Australia, America, and Japan, and sometimes even for China, Korea and the Middle and the Far East,” said Dzenan Ajanovic, director of “Inox Ajanovic”.

Thus, it is not surprising to hear facts that the municipality of Tesanj spends the most of the industrial power in BiH, that every 17th truck of goods for exports is from Tesanj, and that every one in ten registered employees in the FBiH is from Tesanj.

When asked what is the recipe for success in Tesanj, everyone responds the same. The man with ideas and the courage to realize them. Maybe this could be a recipe for success in other municipalities in BiH as well.

(Source: Ivana Crnogorac/N1)



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