Citizens of Vogosca Settlement concerned over Unnatural Blue Color of River

Citizens of Vogosca settlement in Sarajevo were concerned in the morning by the appearance of an unnatural blue color of the Vogosca River that flows into Bosna River.

Some have contacted the Municipal Inspectorate after which the competent inspector visited the site to collect information on the extent and type of pollution.

In the early afternoon, the Federal Water Inspector accompanied by a laboratory visited the site and determined from which point the pollution begins to occur.

It has been found that drinking water is not endangered by the material that appeared in the river.

The composition and origin of the matter were not established, although, according to the first unpublished findings of the mobile laboratory, it is assumed to be a graphic color that is discharged into the sewerage system.

When the final findings of the Federal Water Inspectorate arrive, the municipality will inform the citizens about, and until then it is important to emphasize that there is no reason for panic.


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