How much do Citizens of BiH use Credit Cards?

April 11, 2015 10:00 AM

master cardFrom a total of 27 banks that operated in BiH at the end of 2014, 26 of them provided card operation services, and the total number of active cards at the end of December 2014 was 1.932.354 and unlike 2013, when citizens of BiH owned 1.889.141 cards, it represents the increase of 43.213 cards, and that are the data of the Central Bank of BiH (CBBiH).

The total value of transactions realized by the use of cards in the country and abroad, in the last year was BAM, which is a decrease of 7.521.218 BAM compared to a year earlier.

From the total worth of transactions, through ATMs, it has been withdrawn, as in the country or abroad, cash in the amount of 5.347.455.804 BAM, and on POS terminals, 1.827.688.465 BAM has been realized, or in percent, 75% of the value at ATMs and 25% at POS devices.

The average value of one transaction was 121.72 BAM in 2014, and is  for 7.68 BAM higher compared to 2013, when it amounted to 114.04 BAM. There is also an evident increase of the average transaction. Average annual turnover per one card in 2014 was 3.713 BAM, and is lower for 89 BAM compared to 2013 when it amounted to 3.802 BAM.




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