Citizens of B&H to get Favorable Loans for Business Development

March 22, 2015 1:00 PM

ali-riza-akbasGovernment of Turkey in cooperation with Ziraat Bank Bosnia supported the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina with new loan worth 50 million Euros. These funds are aimed at tourism, agriculture and trade sectors, and everyone interested in this program can contact banks across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Director of Ziraat Bank Bosnia, Ali Riza Akbaş, said that by this project bank wants to contribute to the development of economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We have worked hard on this project. In this way we want to give our contribution to economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In similar project, which we did earlier, highest interest rate was 3.99%. Similar interest rates are planned for this project, and the loan repayment period will be up to ten years”, said Akbas.

Akbaş noted that Turkish government in cooperation with Ziraat Bank Bosnia and BBI bank approved loan worth 100 million euros in 2012. These funds were aimed only for returnees, and Akbaş emphasizes how his bank successfully realized that project by giving about 85% of given funds.



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