CIA Deputy Director discussed Corruption and Terrorism with BiH Authorities

BiH Security Minister Dragan Mekic summarized the impressions from the meeting with CIA Deputy Director Vaughn Bishop, who arrived on Friday to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo.

Minister Mektic met twice with senior US official during the day. The first working lunch was attended by representatives of other security agencies in BiH, and another meeting was held in the afternoon.

“At the first meeting, we analyzed the security situation and talked about the security challenges for BiH, primarily extremism and terrorism, in which I raised the issue of combating corruption, and I said that BiH is a deeply corrupt society and that simply with such a degree of corruption no country can operate in other areas, not in political, economic or social terms, “says Mektic.

Mektic noted that there is no adequate response to corruption.

“I specifically emphasized the inefficiency of the judicial system, primarily the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH,” he states.

He said he hopes the US would devote more attention to BiH’s peace and stability.


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