The Chinese wish to build Railroad Vares – Banovici?

September 19, 2017 11:00 AM

The Chinese corporation “Shanghai CRRC Urban Traffic Construction & Investment” is interested in constructing the railway line Vares – Banovici.

Representatives of the Chinese corporation engaged in the investment and construction of railway infrastructure, as well as other forms of public transport, with the support of the Chinese government, held meetings with the municipal leaders of Vares and Banovic to discuss that topic.

The general manager of the UTCI Dong Miu said in a statement that the company is very interested in investing in and developing this project and that, through cooperation with the ASA Prevent Group, it will strive to realize that project.

He also said that the support of state and local authorities is very important in the realization of the project.

The head of the municipality of Vares, Zdravko Marosevic, said that he would provide full support with the hope that the construction plan for the railway line is a turning point for the future of Vares as a local community.

Through research and testing of construction sites, and on the question of the possibility of realizing the railway infrastructure construction plan, prof. dr. Smajo Salketic from the Faculty of Transportation and Communications of the University of Sarajevo, said that the project would require the construction of tunnels, bridges and overpasses due to the diversity of terrain, and that several potential construction contractors would be offered to potential investors.

Before visiting the municipality of Varec, Dong and his associates had the opportunity to visit the Office of the Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) and meet the leaders of FBiH Railways.

As part of a three-day visit to our country, the company also visited Banovici municipality and discussed a joint project between the two municipalities.

The CRRC group from China, headquartered in Beijing, owns or has a majority stake in 46 companies that are members of the group and employs over 180,000 employees worldwide. They can boast of being the world’s leading supplier of railway transportation equipment and the construction of the world’s most technologically advanced high-speed trains and railways.





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