Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina extends Congratulations on Occasion of May 1st


Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sefik Dzaferovic extended congratulations on Friday to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of May 1st – International Labor Day.

“This significant holiday, which promotes the idea of workers’ rights and solidarity, will be welcomed this year in a challenging time caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A pandemic will have a negative impact on the economy. That is why, in the time ahead, we will all need to invest extra energy together to minimize the damage caused by the pandemic and to recover as quickly as possible,” is stated in the congratulatory message.

Dzaferovic added that in doing so, the rights of every worker, especially those in the real sector, must be taken into account so that workers’ rights and solidarity are not reduced to mere slogans.

“I expect all stakeholders in political, economic and social life to be aware of the challenge ahead. In this difficult time, no one will be able to retain everything they had, and we must not allow anyone to lose everything they had before the crisis. Social solidarity must become an obligation,” he concluded.

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