Italian President wrote to Dzaferovic: strong and firm Friendship that unites our Countries



Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sefik Dzaferovic has sent a message on Wednesday to President of Italy Sergio Mattarella expressing solidarity and condolence to the families of victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his response, Mattarella also referred to emotional photographs of the historic Sarajevo City Hall illuminated by the colours of the Italian flag, seen by millions of Italians. These photographs are, in the words of the President of Italy, “the bond of a strong and firm friendship that unites our countries and our peoples.”

Mattarella pledged cooperation in dealing with the health sector in a state of emergency and in reconstruction. In this regard, Italy is organizing, together with the United Nations and the World Health Organization offices in Sarajevo, video conferences to exchange experiences and health-care protocols between Italian experts and physicians and healthcare professionals from hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Italian Embassy in Sarajevo will present a donation to the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina next week in the form of 200 protective masks for assisted breathing, made in cooperation with Italian companies operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Italy is also sending two military doctors to assist the EUFOR contingent, to better cooperate with hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to share the experience gained in Italy in the fight against COVID-19.

(Photo: DW)

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