The Cevljana Bullfight began: over 50,000 people are expected

July 31, 2017 4:00 PM

Early this morning, visitors to the 70th annual bull fight started gathering in the Cevljana Valley. It is expected that over 50,000 people will visit and have an opportunity to be entertained by singers, dancers and bulls.

The organizers announced that this year, the Cevljana Field will host the largest bullfight in the Balkans and that those who decide to come won’t regret it because they’ll be able to enjoy themselves in excellent fights, food and drinks.

Traditional Bosnian dance, rock throwing from the shoulder, performances of cultural and artistic societies will be only some of the events organized. There are also many tents with various types of music.

“Preparations for the best bullfight in the region are going according to plan. The program of the Cevljana Bullfight is more or less finalized. Of course, we paid attention to other events because the Cevljana Bullfight isn’t just a bullfight,” Besim Gljiva, the president of the Organizing Board, said.

Many people are of the opinion that there’s nothing worthy of note at this event and that it promotes negative values.

Despite that, tens of thousands of people, both from BiH and the diaspora, gather for this event.




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