Cerkez: It is still early to talk about Relief Measures


Assistant Federal Minister for Public Health Goran Cerkez said on Monday that there is a continuity in the number of coronavirus patients in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity.

“That number is still satisfactory. Thanks to all the measures we have taken to date, the situation is quite stable, which of course does not mean that it will not get worse if we cease to respect all that we have done,”said Cerkez at a press conference.

According to him, in the next 7 to 10 days we will see if there will be any consequences due to the five-day abolition of measures banning retirees from their homes.

“We hope, since during this period we have noticed that people have followed a lot of recommendations, that we will have no bigger problems. But there is always some caution,” Cerkez said.

It is still early to talk about the relief measures, he adds.

“Our fellow citizens need to know that we will monitor how it will work, not only BiH and the region, but also European countries. It is very important for these concessions to go slowly in the coming period, to be in line with the epidemiological situation and risks,” said Cerkez.

It is noticeable, he continues, that every weekend a certain number of people violate the recommendations, but it is a minority.

“Therefore, I would urge all those people who see such to report it to the Ministry of Interior so that it can intervene. Because it would not be a good idea to tighten up the measures because of the few irresponsible citizens. These citizens should be sanctioned, but it is also necessary for someone to report them,” adds Cerkez.

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