Centrotrans Will Introduce Two New Lines in Sarajevo in May

centrotransCompany Centrotrans Eurolines will introduce regular lines from Nedžarići – Briješće and Drvenija – Donji Velešići starting from 5 May.

The first line was introduced at the request of the local community Briješće and municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo. On this line, Centrotrans will operate every day except for Sunday and holidays, with seven departures and eight returns, announced Centrotrans.

During the trial period, the competent authorities of municipality Novi Grad, Canton Sarajevo and Centrotrans Eurolines will monitor the operation of the line and after three months will make a final decision on its status.

From 5 May, the regular line Drvenija – Donji Velešići will start, and on the basis of several requests by the local community Velešići and municipality Novo Sarajevo.

‘’The earlier carrier for this route has not been operating for a long time, which resulted in negative reactions of the inhabitants of this area. The inspection of road traffic of Canton Sarajevo sent to the Ministry several requests to delete the registration of the line for this carrier, since it was not maintained’’, said Centrotrans.

On this line, there will be 16 departures and 16 returns during weekdays and eight departures and eight returns on Saturdays, and it will operate on this route every day except for Sundays.

The price of a one-way ticket is 1.20 BAM.

(Source: klix.ba)

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