Central Election Commission publishes First Preliminary Results of Mostar Elections

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina has announced the first preliminary results of the elections for the City Council of Mostar, which, based on approximately 20 percent of the votes counted, show that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) won the largest number of votes on the Central City List.

BiH CEC President Zeljko Bakalar reminded that voter turnout in elections in Mostar was 55 percent, which, he said, was a satisfactory percentage given the fact that the election process took place during the pandemic.

Out of a total of 95,959 registered voters, 52,865 citizens voted in Mostar.

Of that, the turnout in the South was 61.62 percent, in the Southeast 63.46 percent, in the Southwest 52.75 percent, in the North 58.01 percent, in the Old Town 53.89 percent, and in the West 52.38 percent, Klix.ba writes.

“We can be satisfied with the way the election day went, and we were personally convinced that the voting process was conducted in accordance with the election rules, with individual exceptions that do not indicate significant violations of the election process and could affect the election results.

“A significant number of observers have contributed to this, more than 1,700 of them who monitored the election process in Mostar and continue to monitor it,” Bakalar said.

Bakalar added that the CEC of BiH received seven reports that do not indicate more serious violations of the election process in Mostar, and which were sent to the City Electoral Board of Mostar.

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