Central Election Commission announces New Preliminary Results of Mostar Elections

( Željko Milićević – Anadolu Agency )

The Central Election Commission of BiH announced new preliminary results of the elections for the City Council of Mostar, and the balance of power remains unchanged –  the HDZ BiH leads in the city and in other three constituencies, and the Coalition for Mostar (SDA, SBB, DF, Party for BIH, BPS) in the remaining three.

In the city area constituency, which takes up 13 of the 35 council seats, the HDZ BiH received the support of 36 percent of voters, followed by the Coalition for Mostar with 29 percent, the BH Bloc (SDP BiH, Naša stranka) with 12 percent, and the HRS with 7 percent. The list “Stay here – Together for our Mostar” won 4 percent of votes, while other parties and coalitions received less than 3 percent of the vote.

For now, 81 percent of polling stations have been processed in the city constituency.

At the 110th emergency session held in Sarajevo, the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina approved the opening of bags with voting material and the proper unification of the determined results at 69 polling stations in Mostar. 

The City Election Commission of Mostar submitted requests for opening bags in order to properly consolidate the established election results in this constituency. The proposal to issue orders approving the opening of bags and the proper aggregation of results for 69 polling stations in the city area was supported by a majority vote of CEC members. 

Zeljko Bakalar, president of the BiH CEC, said during the discussion that he was concerned about the number of requests to open bags.

Suad Arnautovic, a member of the BiH CEC, emphasized that he would support the issuance of an order to open the bags and consolidate the results, emphasizing that he was surprised by a large number of requests. 

“When we finish confirming the results, we should initiate proceedings against the electoral administration in Mostar, starting with some polling boards,” Arnautovic said. 

He stressed that half of the polling stations need more or less intervention to accurately determine and consolidate the results. 

“The poor work of the polling board caused the City Election Commission to be unable to consolidate the results in a timely and accurate manner,” he pointed out, Klix.ba writes.

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