The CEC made a Decision when the General Elections 2018 will be held

The Central Election Commission of BiH (CEC BiH) presented its annual report, which is very important before the upcoming, election year, when the General elections will be held in BiH.

“Although this is not the election year, we had some repeated elections and indirect elections. We led the procedures of sanctioning the electoral boards and we sanctioned more than 90 of them in 13 electoral units. This year, we directed our operative activities on making the city and municipal electoral commissions operational for the future,” said the President of the Central Election Commission of BiH, Irena Hadziabdic.

“Currently, we are following the information on whether there will be enough money for the upcoming General elections and we are optimistic because we have some problems only in one smaller municipality. We invested a lot in our application systems and the polling center, we created a new application that provides direct, online access to data of IDDEA. This will make the electoral process a lot easier. We were also dealing with the analysis of the situation in the field and we gave our contribution to the promotion of the electoral legislation, but we have also considered the introduction of new technologies in the electoral process.“

We have also discussed the problems of displaced and deceased persons in the electoral process. Our audit service controlled the funding sources of 118 political parties, and we have sanctioned 23 political subjects,” stated Hadziabdic, and added that 516 statements on assets of officials elected in the last elections will be available from today on the website of CEC BiH.

She noted that the CEC will be dedicated to the organization of upcoming elections and revision of the existing ones as well as the introduction of new bylaw acts.

“The next calling for elections will be held on May 8 or 9, for October 7, in case that there is no new electoral law adopted in BiH. What we are missing is the adoption of various bylaw acts, and we are appealing on everyone to use this time before the elections in the best way possible,” concluded Hadziabdic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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