CCI Initiative for hiring the capable, not the suitable, in public Institutions

August 3, 2016 1:15 PM

CCI Initiative startbih.infoFor years now, BiH has been a hostage of the rule of political parties that decide on all segments of people’s lives, including employment. If you are not involved with a party, you will hardly get a job in a public company or a state institution. Centers of Civil Initiatives launched a petition for hiring the capable, not the suitable people.

Yesterday’s street campaign was the first in a row that is being implemented under the title “To the capable ones, not the suitable ones!”, within the name-like campaign that requests depoliticisation and de-partisation of appointments and recruitments in public administration.

“With today’s campaign, we are launching a petition through which we request the separation of political functions from professional positions in public administration, fair hiring in health, education and public institutions. In a country with extremely high rate of unemployment, we should promote equality at least when it comes to employment in public sector. Unfortunately, we often testify to the fact that after the elections the political leaders and holders of the most responsible political positions share the posts in public administration among themselves, not finding it disputable. However, by promoting the rule of party in the public sector, the rule of law is being violated. Hiring the suitable ones instead of the most capable candidates prevents the strengthening of institutions and our society cannot prosper,” said the Media Coordinator of CCI Ana Lučić.

Lučić pointed out that this is an act of putting additional pressure on the politicians who have promised to amend the Law on Public Administration.

Petition can be signed at the Square of the Children of Sarajevo in Sarajevo. In the coming days, the signing will be organized in Bijeljina, Tuzla, Mostar, Doboj and Banja Luka. You can also sign the petition online here.



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