Cazin became a Real Economic Wonder in a short Period of Time

June 10, 2017 11:30 AM

CazinThe assigned status of the city to Cazin was seen in this local community as a recognition for everything done, as well as an obligation to continue with even better development in the future period. The image of Cazin drastically changed in a relatively short period of time.

Thus, from the former pre-war, among the four least developed municipalities in BiH, Cazin managed to become a real wonder in terms of economy.

Cazin has more than 2,000 registered small and medium enterprises, and it will also receive two industrial zones that will further facilitate and improve the economic development of this city. The infrastructure was also improved through the construction of hundreds of kilometers of roads, and traffic jams were solved with the construction of roundabouts.

“We have a very clear plan of projects and the development of our municipality/city together with citizens of Cazin for years. This can be seen through statistics of projects, or everything that has been done in the last ten years. What we can say for Cazin is that it had the status of one of the most underdeveloped municipalities among other 108 municipalities in the territory of BiH in the ‘90s. Cazin was among the four least developed municipalities in entire former Yugoslavia. However, now we can say that Cazin has no such status. We developed our infrastructure a lot. We constructed over 300 kilometers of roads together with our citizens in the last ten years,” said Mayor of Cazin, Nermin Ogresevic.

“We have more than 3,000 registered agricultural households, over 2,400 registered small and medium businesses. There is a lot of visible progress because one sector dragged another. The financial crisis in 2008/2009/2010 that caused the collapse of many industries in our country, did not have a great influence here. Both the construction sector and others, which means that the municipality was the investor, and the private sector as an investor as well. Thus, we have a large number of companies of civil engineering and construction that survived, further developed and now they are working not only in the area of Cazin but throughout BiH and abroad,” said Ogresevic.

“We are the largest producers of milk in BiH. We are also among large manufacturers of raspberries, berries, and vegetables in BiH and we have developed greenhouse production. We also have branded chestnut honey as a geographical mark. Recently, we signed an agreement on international branding where we will participate with financial resources as a municipality. There is a great potential, and we have been very specific when it comes to the support for our agricultural producers with incentives in the last eight to nine years. We are one of the very few municipalities with financial incentives for their agricultural producers,” stated Ogresevic.

Thus, Cazin allocates somewhere between 400,000 and 500,000 BAM on average for incentives to local agricultural production from the local budget. In this way, said Ogresevic, they want to encourage their agricultural producers by showing them that the local community wants to give them support as well. We believe that we have succeeded in that. The amounts produced speak enough about it.

“Somehow in that entire chain, the agricultural producer remains the last one, and in the end of the day, he gives his work, sweat, effort, and expectations. And still, he remains the last one. There should be more intervention at the state level. Mostly BiH, as well as the FBiH as an entity, and we need more sensitivity and understanding on what is happening on the field,” concluded Mayor of Cazin, Nermin Ogresevic.



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