Catholics celebrated Palm Sunday, the Holy Week has started

Catholics celebrated yesterday the Palm Sunday, which is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter.

Palm Sunday is an introduction to Holy Week. The church is remembering Jesus’ solemn entry into Jerusalem in the days before the Passover, which was described in all four Gospels (Mark 11: 1-11, Matthew 21: 1-11, Luke 19: 28-44, and John 12: 12-19), and his torment that followed after that.

When Jesus came into Jerusalem, the people was greeting him by waving with palm and olive branches and spreading their clothes on the road that he went while riding on his donkey. In honor of this event, which was the introduction to the dramatic events of Holy Week, the procession before one Mass on Palm Sunday is conducted with the blessed palm and olive branches.

The Mass itself is devoted to the torture of Jesus in which they read or sing the entire report on his torture from the Gospel.

The custom is that believers take blessed branches to their homes and put them on the cross on the wall. Blessed branches are left in the house even after they dry out as a sign and reminder of loyalty to Jesus until the next Palm Sunday.

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