Catering Facilities of all Categories are closing in Banja Luka


Catering facilities of all categories are closing in Banja Luka until March 23rd, news portal.

The number of patients in Banja Luka has increased by three since the last headquarters session on Friday.

“We have three micro-clusters,” said Banja Luka Mayor Igor Radojicic after a session of the Emergency Management Staff, which considered measures to stop the spread of corona virus.

“I urge the neighboring municipalities to follow the measures adopted by Banja Luka so that everyone can act together preventively,”Radojicic said.

The craft, except the taxi service, will be closed until March 23rd, while soup kitchens are allowed to work but over the counter. “It is necessary to mark the distance between customers of one meter, for which the stores are responsible,” Radojicic said, adding that pharmacies would work without changing the working hours with the provided distance. He stated that the City Administration would send part of the employees to work from home, while a minimal work process would be organized in other city institutions and companies. “The health center enters a special regime of work because of the current situation,” emphasized Radojicic.



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