Cardiologist and Professor at the University of Rome Zlatan Lazarevic has an Important Message for Bosnians


Zlatan Lazarevic, a cardiologist and professor at the University of Rome, stated in an interview for N1 that the situation is not at all easy and on the personal side it is very hard work that doctors have been doing in hospitals in Italy in recent weeks.

“The biggest problem is the very rapid spread of the virus. If you haven’t seen it, now Italy is coming, more or less, to the number of dead so far in China. 350 people are dying a day because of this problem. The biggest problem is lack of protective masks that are needed for doctors and medical technicians. They are impossible to find. The Italians have taken this situation very seriously. The problem is that more than 3,000 people are infected every day.” What could happen in central and southern Italy could be far more difficult if the virus had this type of spread, Lazarevic told N1.

Message to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

“There is a very important distance between people. There is no handling, hugging, none of these personal contacts. The second thing is extremely important that you sit at home. Whenever you can. The third thing is very important, children are very important vectors. Do not go to grandparents and grandparents. Keep them as isolated as possible. This is the only way to fight at this moment. It is extremely important for our people to understand that in the next 15 days, the fewer people they meet, the less chance there is of infecting the population. This is to say, if you opened the door, you were already moving to infect, it is extremely important for people to take it in a serious way.”



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