Cardinal Puljic: Let’s help Youth to take Right Life Values

April 17, 2015 8:30 AM

cardinal Vinko PuljicLet’s help youth to bring true values to their lives, because we need responsible and conscious people, said the Archbishop, Cardinal Vinko Puljic, who led the Eucharist celebration on the occasion of marking the Day of the Catholic school center in Travnik.

“The most valuable investment is the one in future generations. We are all parents, professors or religious teachers and we are all invited to transfer the knowledge. That investment cannot be bought“, said Puljic.

After the Mass, an event prepared by the students of the Grammar School and Primary School of the CSC was held.

The director of the CSC, Zeljko Maric said that he is satisfied with one more successful year of this school and thanked to all and congratulated with the message: “Be recognizable in your city, let this center lives and progresses“.

Cardinal Vinko Puljic headed yesterday in Travnik a votive Eucharist celebration. The drama show on the history of Sjemeniste in Travnik was held as well.



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