Cantonal Court in Bihac issued Decision extending the Custody for Mayor Fikret Abdic

The Cantonal Court in Bihac issued a decision extending the custody of Fikret Abdic, the mayor of Velika Kladusa, for another two months.

The decision was made without a hearing, after the Supreme Court of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina rejected Abdic’s defense’s motion to disqualify the court due to alleged political bias.

The explanation of the decision states that the Prosecutor’s Office did not submit to the Court of BiH an amendment to the motion to extend custody, neither new evidence, nor did the defense of the suspect submit new objections and evidence to challenge the Prosecution’s motion to extend custody.

Abdic is charged with corrupt activities in the process of public procurement, but also employment. According to unofficial information from “Avaz”, Abdić is charged with damaging the budget of the municipality of Velika Kladusa by more than 600,000 BAM.

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