Canton Sarajevo Prosecution about the ‘’Pazaric’’ Home: We are checking the Allegations regarding the published Photos


The photos of abused and tied residents of the ‘’Pazaric’’ home, published by Our Party (Nasa Stranka) MP Sabina Cudic on Wednesday, have caused the response of competent institutions. Although financial malpractices and premises with poor conditions where the residents were staying were discussed earlier, the official reaction never happened.

‘’We are informing you that a case has been opened and that the allegations regarding the published photos will be urgently verified,’’ the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Prosecutor’s Office told for the NAP.

On Wednesday, Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of CS received the instructions from the Prosecutor of the CS Prosecutor’s Office regarding this case, which they respect and act accordingly. MIA of CS and CS Prosecutor’s Office did not provide further details.

The photographs of tied residents in the ‘’Pazaric’’ home had been shown in world media and caused a reaction of the numerous international organizations for the protection of children, domestic institutions as well as ambassadors who have disapproved this treatment and called for immediate reaction.

The Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) will hold a session today to discuss the situation at the ‘’Pazaric’’ home. To recall, only a few months ago this home was in the focus after the director Redzep Salic shared information about numerous irregularities in work, donations and misuse of funds. The inhumane treatment of sick residents was not mentioned back then.

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