Canadian City of Hamilton congratulated the Statehood Day of BiH

November 24, 2017 8:00 AM

The Canadian city of Hamilton congratulated November 25, the Statehood Day of BiH, at a large electronic billboard that is placed in front of the building of the city assembly.

From Hamilton, once again, was sent this message to the world: Bosnia and Herzegovina, which remained a state throughout its long history, is a historical-political fact that cannot be erased from state existence. The fact that the city of Hamilton is marking the Statehood Day of BiH is a sign of recognition, but also a sign that it respects the activism of BH diaspora, which represents realistic power and the key basis of the reality and statehood of BiH in this city.

“BiH has its voice in Hamilton, friends that we have in the Assembly of the City of Hamilton support us, we are holding our fate in our hands,” as said from the Canadian Institute for the Research of Genocide.

They emphasize that Canada is supporting the state of BiH through a number of decisions: the Bosnian language is recognized in Canada, the national name Bosniak is used in Canadian documents, genocide in BiH is studied in schools, the Canadian Parliament unanimously adopted two resolutions on genocide in BiH, the initiative on the establishment of the Club of Friends of BiH in the Canadian Parliament was supported, a permanent exhibition on genocide in BiH has been organized in the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, a genocide that happened in BiH was presented to citizens of Canada and Canadian Universities, a monument to victims of genocide in Srebrenica was revealed in the Canadian town of Windsor, a project by which the Government of Canada supported the marking of World White Flag Day was supported, etc.

“It is especially important that cities in Canada mark the Day of Statehood of BiH and the Independence Day of BiH, the White Ribbon Day and the Day of Genocide in Srebrenica,” as said from this organization. They thanked the mayor of Hamilton and members of the City Assembly for their honest and constant support to the state of BiH.



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