Busts of Ashdown, Mazowiecki, Mock and Aleksic to be set up in Sarajevo



Mayor of Center Municipality in Sarajevo Nedzad Ajnadzic has signed a contract with academic sculptor Enes Sivac to design and install busts in the area of this local community.

Under the terms of the said contract, Sivac will design a sculptural and artistic solution for four memorials, namely the busts of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Paddy Ashdown, Alois Mock and Srdjan Aleksic.

Ajnadzic emphasized the importance of preserving the memory of true patriots and true friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina when signing the contract, saying that we must not forget those who have contributed to the freedom of our country and those who have dedicated their working lives to the fight for the preservation of a unified and sovereign Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This is our humble contribution to the culture of remembrance,” Ajnadzic said.

For his part, Sivac said the sculpture and artistic solution will be completed by the end of this year.


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