Businessman from Berlin to build a Tourist Complex in Sarajevo?

February 25, 2016 3:15 PM

12767749_1732129680357042_1929908617_nBusinessman Mirsad Fikica built restaurant called “Sarajevo Hotel Grunewald” in one of the most prestigious parts of the city of Berlin. This unique restaurant in Berlin is tempting many tourists, mostly German, and it has the spirit of BiH and our traditional cuisine. The restaurant is built of wood, which Fikica brought from BiH, together with all other materials, handmade dishes from Bascarsija and furniture that decorates the object. The interior is full of motifs of Sarajevo, as well as Bosnian tradition. The restaurant offers numerous local BH specialties such as pies, grilled lamb, kebabs, Begova corba (stew), sogan dolma (onion filled with meat), and many others. Fikica is planning to build ethno village called “Grunewald Inn Sarajevo” in Sarajevo, following the example of his restaurant in Berlin.

“I am very grateful to the Municipality Centar for their hospitality. I am happy, pleased, and to be honest very surprised because I did not expect such a quick reception. After I opened a restaurant called” Sarajevo Hotel Grunewald in the settlement Grunewald, at the entrance to Berlin, I came up with the idea to do something similar in Sarajevo. The construction of ethno village called “Grunewald Inn Sarajevo” would represent a bond between the two states, two cities, Sarajevo and Berlin. Ethno village should be a tourist attraction primarily for the Germans, but also for everyone else who come to visit Sarajevo,” said Fikica adding that he is planning the construction of tourist facilities in which he will offer authentic atmosphere Bosnian village with untouched nature and healthy food that would be produced by the local farmers, who would be encouraged to produce more.

Advisor of the Mayor Resic said that there are several attractive locations for this project in the area of the Municipality Centar, and primarily the site of Zlatiste due to its specific views on the city, while the assistant Sadovic added that undeveloped site in Nahorevo should be considered as well, since it has significant natural beauty and great potential for this kind of project.

“Municipality Centar is determined to cooperate and not to miss this opportunity, and the have to build opportunities together, because we cannot make anything alone. The municipality showed great interest in the development of tourism, we are interested in a good partnership, but primarily, our interest is that local labor from the Municipality Centar gets the opportunity for employment in this kind of projects,” concluded Chairman of the Municipal Council Nedzad Ajnadzic and suggested tours of mentioned locations in the upcoming days, including the building of agricultural cooperatives in Nahorevo that the municipality is ready, through legal procedure, to lease, which could be the first start of the project.



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