Businessman from Banja Luka killed in Fire Exchange

Slavisa Krunic, owner of several companies from Banja Luka, was killed last night near his property at Banja Luka. In the exchange of fire, Krunic’s companion and the attacker were also killed.

Krunic was urgently transferred to UKC Banja Luka, where he died.

The police blocked the wider area from Banja Luka to Laktasi. The motives of attack, for now, are unknown.

Krunic was the owner of several companies in Banja Luka, and one of them was the Sektor Security Company.

Several persons linked to the murder of businessman Slobodan Krunic in the settlement Glamocani near Banja Luka have already been arrested, RS Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic confirmed after he contacted Minister Dragan Lukac.

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