Bus Info Service available in 15 Days: Find out when the Vehicle of GRAS arrives at the Station by SMS

October 1, 2016 10:15 AM

gras_tramvajThe citizens of Canton Sarajevo will be able to use the services of Bus Info in 15 days, and they will be able to find out when the vehicle of the CPUC GRAS will arrive at the station by SMS.

Thanks to the introduction of new GRAS service, citizens of Sarajevo will know when the vehicle will arrive at the station (tram, trolley, bus or minibus). Passengers will have the code that they will enter on their cell phones and send it to a number, after which they will get feedback on when the vehicles will arrive, and the price of messages will be symbolic.

CPUC GRAS realized the project in cooperation with the company BH Telecom, and initially trams will be covered.

“The final phase of preparations for the commercialization of service Bus Info is currently taking place and it is expected that this service will be available to citizens very soon. Commercialization of the service will be preceded by a promotional period during which citizens will be able to use this service for free,” as stated from BH Telecom.

Modules are already built in all vehicles of GRAS, which are devices that monitor the vehicle during whole time. From GRAS announced that testing or promotional stage will start in 15 days, and citizens will be satisfied with the service.

By calling *133*codeofthestation#, passengers can find out how many stations are located two vehicles of all lines that are coming.

It was previously planned for the service to be available from the 1st of December 2015, with a free trial period of three months, and because of the importance for the community, this service received approval from the Ministry of Transport of CS.


(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)


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