Bus Info Devices to be installed in Sarajevo

October 20, 2016 7:15 PM

GRAS Dobrinja-Ilidža faktor.baWaiting on bus, tram and trolleybus stations bothers everyone, especially on the way to school, work etc. When it will come, where it is now – these are only some of the questions that can be heard at the stations.

However, soon this will stop being a problem. How? Service Bus Info, announced in December 2015, should be officially available to the citizens of Sarajevo soon.

This was confirmed by Samira Kadić from the Press Office of GRAS, who highlighted that this service has been prepared for one part of urban traffic, and that the rest will be implemented in the following days.

The service is a result of partner cooperation of GRAS, Unimedia and BH Telecom.

“Due to the complexity and certain technical demands of the project, the service Bus Info has not been activated as it was planned, but it is in the final stage of preparation for commercialization. All activities on the networking of the system have been completed and the devices are currently being installed in more than 200 vehicles of GRAS. The service will be available to everyone soon,” said Nađa Lutvikadić, spokeswoman of BH Telecom.

Commercialization of the service will be preceded by a promotional period of three months, during which this service will be offered for free.

Bus Info is an informational service that enables passengers to obtain information about the arrival of public transportation vehicles on stations in the Sarajevo Canton.

By dialing *133*station code#, passengers can find out how far are two vehicles of all upcoming lines. Station code will be clearly indicated on info board of every public transportation station.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)


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