Bulgarians are coming to BiH because of Merlin and learn Bosnian through His Songs

MerlinOn the streets of the capital of BiH during the first two days of 2017 was evident that the most numerous tourists were Slovenes, Croats and Bulgarians and the Irish showed that you can learn Bosnian language faster through the lyrics of Dino Merlin’s songs, as they said , then by the usual methods.

“Although these are mainly regular guests who want to celebrate the New Year and other holidays only in Sarajevo, there were new ones who wanted to attend the concert of Dino Merlin. We could see there how Bulgarians love songs of Dino Merlin, together with the already known Slovenes and Croats,” said travel guide Jadranka Suster.

To the satisfaction of BH tours, in recent days was confirmed that this year’s low temperatures and excessive air pollution cannot affect the willingness of people to get to know “every inch” of Sarajevo and to learn Bosnian language.

“Martina Relihan from Ireland is coming to Sarajevo for years and every time mentions Merlin, since she remembers him from his first appearance in the Eurovision Contest. She learned Bosnian language through the texts of his songs. This year we were in the right place at the right time – at Bascarsija, where Relihan met Dino Merlin. He was very kind, and she was delighted, especially when he said that he was in Ireland and in her neighborhood. He took us to “Magaza” and gave us DVDs and CDs,” said Suster.

Regular tourists from Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria bring the lists of sites they wish to visit in order to learn some new details every year, with which they will, as they said, brag to their friends after returning home.

“It certainly makes us tourist guides to have a dose of innovation in our everyday work in order to stay competitive and properly form conscience of our tourists. Slovenians who came to celebrate the New Year’s Eve gifted tourist guides their traditional cakes ‘Linz eyes’,” said Suster.

At the end of last year, they made multi-religious tour of BiH, in the first phase in Posavina Canton, in cooperation with Fra Marko Orsolic, founder of the organization IMIC – International Multi-religious and Intercultural Center “Zajedno (Together)” which, as she confirmed, continued projects under the symbolic title “Christmases, Hanukkah, Eids”.

(Source: klix.ba)

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