Budget of the City of Sarajevo higher than 15 Million BAM

At the session held on Wednesday, the councilors of the City Council of the City of Sarajevo, by a majority vote, adopted the city budget for next year in the amount of 15,674,499 BAM.

The Decision on Execution of the Budget of the City of Sarajevo for 2021 was also supported.

Mayor Abdulah Skaka thanked the city councilors for their support in adopting this most important document for the activities of the City of Sarajevo, according to the city’s website.

Given the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the reduction of the planned revenues of the City, Skaka believes that the budget is realistic and stable, so that the City and our fellow citizens can function normally.

”In such uncertain and difficult financial times, more joint work, more courage and determination are needed in order to respond to new challenges in order to further develop the city and maintain the existing standard. The city of Sarajevo is ready to share the economic consequences of the coronavirus with other levels of government,” said the mayor.

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