British Government warned its Citizens about Air Pollution in Sarajevo


The British government has warned its citizens who intend to travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina about problems with air pollution in our country.

The government recall that around 9,000 British citizens visit BiH every year, and that most visits take place without any problems. However, the latest information warns of high levels of air pollution, which could cause health problems.

When it comes to the potential hazards that the British should take into account during their stay in our country, they highlight unexploded mines, especially in isolated mountainous and rural areas, and point out that floods and landslides in recent years have shifted minefields and destroyed warning signs to mine danger.

They also point out that terrorists could launch attacks in BiH, a warning that is typical for every European country the British government issues warnings about.

The level of crime against foreigners is generally low, but care should be taken in pick-pocketing in towns and cities and in public transport, paying particular attention to areas known to be popular with tourists.

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