Brian Hoyt Jee could be chosen for a new U.S. Ambassador to BiH

January 10, 2018 2:00 PM

“The United States (U.S.) diplomat Brian Hoyt Jee allegedly will be chosen for a new U.S. ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and not Macedonia, as it was announced earlier in the State Department, “ writes ‘Blic’ referring to unofficial information from diplomatic circles in Belgrade.

Although it is still just a speculative talk, the mandate of the current U.S. ambassador in Skopje will last until summer, so until then it will be officially known where Brian Hoyt Jee will work.

If there had been a possible nomination in Sarajevo, that decision would have had a greater impact on relations with Serbia due to the Belgrade-Banja Luka relation.

We remind, the president of the BH entity Republika Srpska (RS),  Milorad Dodik, recently said that Jee is a “wreck of a former U.S. administration that runs an anti-Serbian policy.”

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, did not agree with Dodik, and he said that Jee did not initiate any lessons to Serbia, but is always speaking on behalf of the State Department.

“It is always a State Department’s attitude. If it is his personal attitude, someone would confute him or replaced him. But, nobody confuted nor replaced him. Brian is a pure professional, and I  respect it. He has his attitudes. He states them in a cold and decent way, “ Vucic said.




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