Breaking the World Record in Sarajevo: 4124 Liters of Bey’s Soup Cooked

April 18, 2015 11:00 AM

beys soupA Guinness record in the amount of Bey’s soup cooked was set in Sarajevo yesterday. Sarajevo chefs with the help of volunteers cooked 4124 liters of bey’s soup.

Seven chefs and a multitude of volunteers from entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, including volunteer chefs from catering schools in Goražde, Vogošća, Ilijaš, Prijedor, Olovo, Zenica and many other cities, participated in the cooking process which began yesterday morning at 6 am in front of the House of Armed Forces of BiH in Sarajevo.

Zdravko Šilić, the head chef at the NATO base who came at the invitation of the organizers, said that he was extremely pleased to be a part of this event.

He added that all went well. They had no problems regarding the food, and cooking in the open air represented the only difficulty, since a lot of gas has been spent. However, improvisation of the chefs was great and they managed to finish everything within the time limit, until 2 pm, as planned.

A ton of chicken used for 15 000 portions

beys soup3As a reminder, the soup was cooked in a pot specially created for this occasion, with a diameter of two and a half meters, height of one meter, and volume of 4100 liters.

The ingredients that were needed for 15,000 servings are: 1000 kg of chicken, 200 kg of carrots, 50 kg of butter, 150 liters of oil, 100 kg of flour, 15 kg of okra (bamia), 50 kg of celery, 10-20 kg of parsley and 15 kg of spices.

“The soup that is not shared with the citizens will be passed to various humanitarian organizations and associations, the Red Cross, the Public Kitchen etc. We invite everyone to feel free to come with containers, it would be pity to throw it away”, said the people from the Association of BH Chefs, in whose organization the event was held.

This event is organized within the Global Chef’s Challenge, the first event of this kind in the region, as well as within the European Conference of Culinary Associations, thanks to which the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is hosting the cooking elite of Europe for few days now.

(Source: photo noticiascaracol)


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