How a Boy got Fine in 1994 for riding a Bike in the wrong Direction

November 21, 2017 6:30 PM

The 1992-1995 siege period, Sarajevo citizens associate not only with their daily struggle for life and survival, but also with many war anecdotes…

One boy from Sarajevo has published on the Internet, believe it or not, his punishment for riding a bike in the wrong direction, assigned by police officers in 1994, which he still keeps ”for a memory and a long remembrance. ”
”During the aggression, in the occupied Sarajevo, I was sentenced for driving the bike in the wrong direction. I went by the ‘Brewery’ to get some water and to see my grandmother, who lived across the City Hall. A policeman recorded what I did, and the judge ripped me off. When I said this to my friends, they couldn’t believe it. I keep this document so I could show it to my grandchildren. ” this boy wrote.

For an improper bicycle ride in the streets of the occupied Sarajevo, the Municipal Court punished him with the payment of 75 dinars.




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